It’s a farmer’s life for me.

Welcome to farm life.  

I grew up on a small farm, my parents had acres of walnut trees and my great grandparents had a hops farm.  Yep, hops for beer.

You often hear of people talking about living a simple life and wanting to move onto a farm.  The easy life is city life. Don’t feel like cooking? Go out to eat.  Don’t feel like cleaning?  Hire a maid.  Don’t feel like walking the dog?  Hire a pet sitter.  Farm life is busy and you always have chores to do.  There is always something that needs to get done.   Regardless of your crop (ours is black walnuts) you still have the cycle:  planting or pruning, fertilizing, weed and pest control, watering and irrigation, soil erosion mitigation, harvesting, processing and packing.  and you are back to the start of the cycle.  While the cycle is repeated more often with row crops, the process is the same to every farm. 

I love getting up in the morning and having chores to do.  I like having my own small chain saw; it was my 50th birthday present.  By the way, it is excellent upper exercise. 

Walnuts are my favorite nut.  The truffle of nuts is the Black Walnut.  

Go on out and buy a bit of black walnut ice cream, or if you feel motivated make your  your own. Recipe is here.  You’ll be addicted for life! 

Nickerson Farms was founded in 2007, Florence and her husband farmed the walnuts from the early 1920’s for 50 years. Florence continued to harvest walnuts even after her husband passed away.  The neighbors tell me she earned enough to pay the property taxes each year.  Eventually her son took over the property, but he let it go fallow and the original house burned from a careless renter.  He seemed disinterested at best.

We purchased the property in 2007 and started to restore the trees and give the property the  love it deserves.   The watering capability and electricity have been restored to the property and we are well on our way to developing a product line of extracts.

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